How You Can Help

There are several ways to contribute to The Montclair Foundation and no amount is too small!

Our Foundation grants program twice annually reviews and awards money to a wide variety of local nonprofits that can make a big impact on small budgeted organizations in the arts, family services and underserved communities in Montclair. These grants are funded in part through our endowment fund called the Environs Fund and through donations, grants, legacy/ planned gifts as well as gifts of tangible property such as art.

The Montclair Foundation owns and maintains Van Vleck House & Gardens proper. We do not receive money from the town of Montclair. Among the sources of funding used to maintain The Van Vleck House and Gardens is our GreenAcres Fund. But this is not quite enough, leaving us reliant on generous, tax-free donations from you in the form of donations, grants, legacy gifts or planned gifts, as well as gifts of tangible property such as art or antiques.

So now it is up to you, our generous friends. You might choose:

  • Direct Donation
  • Corporate Match
  • Bequests
  • The Green Acres Fund which supports Van Vleck House and Gardens
  • The Environs Fun which supports local non-profit organizations and VV House maintenance.
  • Or both Green Acres and the Environs Funds. If you love the peace and tranquility of this extraordinary space open to the public for free every day, and if you want to help other non-profits in our community continue to thrive at a time of decreasing state and federal aid, you can donate to both Funds and we will be sure that your generosity is directed effectively.

Become a Friend of Van Vleck! Your membership is a steady source of support at all levels.

Apply For Grants

Are you in need of financial support for your non-profit organization in Montclair, NJ? Apply for a grant today to see if you qualify.

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